"Productive well-run grant programs often lead to additional grant funding. ERI can help you ensure your program runs smoothly and is productive."

Many funding sources require a third party evaluator to ensure compliance with the program requirements. Even when it is not always required, it is always a good idea to have an outside assessment and evaluation of your grant program in order to objectively monitor the grant. Educational Research Institute can provide this service for your district or agency whether we write or review your grant. ERI conducts both formative and summative evaluations. Formative evaluations begin at the onset of the project. Its goal is to assess the on-going activities and monitor the project so that corrections can be made. Summative evaluations are conducted at the end of the project and determine whether it reached its goals.

Why Evaluate

  • Understand, verify or increase the impact of services for customers or clients;
  • Data obtained can be utilized to identify program's strengths and weaknesses;
  • Evaluations can verify if the program is really running as proposed;
  • Keep administrative and grant employees informed about progress;
  • Produce data or verify results that can be used for promoting services in the community; and
  • Allow transportability of programs elsewhere.