"ERI offers a broad array of professional development trainings that focus on specific content and target populations which can have positive effects on performance, production, and instructional practices."

ERI provides a variety of professional development trainings. The trainings consist of on-site presentations, sign-in sheets, orientations, activities, break-out sessions, materials, demonstrations, evaluations, and/or follow-up. Trainings may be built into grants written for your agency or can be paid through entitlement grants such as: Title I-Part A, Title I-Part C, Title II-Part A, Title III-Part A, Carl D. Perkins, IDEA-B, Title VI-Part B, and Title I,1003 (a) Priority and Focus School Program.


  • Addressing Disproportionality in Special Education
  • Positive Alternatives to Exclusionary School Discipline Practices
  • School-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
  • Classroom Management
  • Addressing Behavioral Challenges in the Classroom
  • Autism in the General Education Classroom Setting
  • ABC’s of Special Education for New Teachers, administrators, or parents


  • Classroom Portfolio Assessment
  • Portfolio Audit
  • Rubrics
  • Data and School Change
  • Projects
  • WebQuests
  • Peer Review Program-A Must!
  • Reading Workshop
  • Writing Workshop
  • Performance Tasks


  • Bring it on Home
  • Building Assets in Elementary
  • Coaching Strategies that Make Positive Differences
  • Great Places to Learn
  • Ideas that Work
  • What Teens Need to Succeed


  • Anger Management
  • Gang Prevention
  • Self-Esteem
  • Counseling


  • Asset Building Resources for Parents
  • NCLB Requirements Involving Parents
  • Building Practical Parenting
  • Parent Leadership Classes
  • Connecting Generations, Strengthening Communities
  • Parents Open-Door Policy to Communication
  • Consumer/Banking Training
  • Parent/School Sponsored Activities and Involvement
  • Effective Home Discipline
  • Practical Ways to Raise Grades
  • Federal Grants Program Overview
  • Recruiting Parents/Parent Partners
  • Healthy Families
  • Test-Taking Skills/Practice Tests


  • 150 Ways To Show Kids You Care
  • How to Communicate Effectively with Today's Young People
  • Building a Caring Community
  • Learning Styles
  • Family Rules
  • Learning through Music
  • Family Types
  • Parenting at the Speed of Teens
  • Helping your Special Needs Child
  • Raising Kids Who Thrive
  • Divorce Parenting Class
  • Safe Sitter Program
  • My Baby and Me
  • Parenting Classes
  • Parent Engagement Goals and Family Partnerships
  • Shared Responsibility and Maximizing Learning at Home
  • Navigating Schools to Enhance Academic Success
  • Engaging Parents as Leaders and Participating in Decision - Making
  • Supporting School Improvement: Campus Improvement Plans
  • Creating Safe and Welcoming Schools
  • Expectations for Positive Behavior and Academic Success
  • Creating Positive Change: Advocating to Promote Learning