Let us help your organization find the funds you need to achieve your intended goals.


Grant Research

Our years of experience help us determine where to find grant opportunities that will best meet your needs. Once you become our client, we will meet with you to find out more about who you are and what your goals and dreams are. Then, we will locate potential grant opportunities for you to select from that will meet your objectives.

  • We are subscribed to state and national databases that notify us of newly-released grants
  • Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is constantly seeking grant opportunities for our clients
  • We match grant opportunities with our clients based on their needs and potential for being awarded the grant
  • We advise you of these opportunities so you can select which ones you are interested in

Grant Consultant

ERI effectively executes your grant application process from begin to end. Once you become our client, you will be treated like family as we work through the grant writing process. We are a small company with a large desire to help our clients with an array of services to assist through every step of the grant process.

  • Finding grants your entity is eligible for.
  • Helping you assess your needs and objectives in order to assist in developing grant projects.
  • Providing technical assistance support for all your grant questions.
  • Writing and editing your grant proposal.
  • Submitting your grant proposal.

Grant Proposal Development

Not every organization is ready to implement grant programs. Therefore, we also assess your organization’s grant readiness and create a detailed plan of action to assist your agency in increasing both program and organizational growth and development. Once we determine your organization is grant ready, the grant proposal development process can commence. The services that are provided in the development of the grant proposal include:

  • Grant and program planning,
  • Researching funding opportunities,
  • Conducting needs assessments,
  • Refining goals and objectives,
  • Drafting evaluation plans,
  • Preparing agency documents for submission,
  • Drafting letters of support, and
  • Proofreading proposals.